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IT Support Team

IT Support Team

Let our IT Support team be your remote server administration. We can help you troubleshoot software, hardware, and network problems.

If you have a piece of software, we can learn and support your software, being your remote help desk. Our experts can help you identify potential risks, threats, protect your working environment and can remotely repair problems with minimal disruption to your productivity.

Be proactive and let Prosite Business Solutions IT Support help you with your computer or software problems.

Help Desk Support

We understand running a business often calls for extensive IT Support. Without it, it’s hard to survive in this technical business world. Luckily, our in-house experts can troubleshoot nearly any IT problem. They are equipped with the knowledge and ability to successfully provide you with in-depth and professional answers to the most complex problems. We promise to listen to your problem and deliver you a solution to solve it.

We understand that sometimes the workflow is hectic and you need answers right away. Our IT Help Desk can provide you with quick and timely answers to your problems over the phone so you can get right back to working—without the added hang-ups complex problems can create.

When you call into our help desk, we will assist you in finding a resolution to your problem using our basic problem solving plan.

  • Explain the problem
  •   You will be asked to explain the problem you’re experiencing in as much details as possible. This helps the IT support personnel determine the problem quickly and efficiently.

  • Reproduce the error
  •   If applicable to the specific problem, our IT personnel will try to reproduce the error with the information you provide. If the location is inaccessible, we’ll ask the user to reproduce the problem to see if it’s an isolated issue.

  • Identify the problem
  •   Using the information gathered from steps one and two, our IT experts will establish the cause of the problem.

  • Collect technical information
  •   We’ll gather as many details about the user’s environment as possible to determine possible solutions.

  • Establish the solution
  •   Our IT experts will review the information gathered and establish an educated solution to the problem identified.

  • Fixing the problem
  •   We will work with the user to fix the problem identified. If several solutions are determined, we will work with the user until the original problem is fixed.

  • Test and retest
  •   To make sure the problem is resolved, a series of testing will need to be made between IT and the user. Everything must be extensively tested to ensure everything is working correctly.

  • Documenting the problem
  •  Our IT experts will keep a record of the user and the problems encountered and fixed with Prosite. These records help us solve other problems that may occur as well as if the same problem happens again.

Remote Server Admin

Prosite understands not every company has the luxury of an in-house IT staff dedicated to server administration. And those who do would probably rather have their IT experts doing something more productive. That’s where our remote server administration comes into play. We’ll provide you with server administration here at our secure facilities while your IT professionals and staff worry about more important things.

We can completely administer your servers to ensure maximum uptime. We will proactively keep an eye on your server and routinely check for any abnormalities that might lead to problems.

We will spend time:

  • Planning
  • Training
  • Schedule and implement testing
  • Backup and restore hardware/software
  • System tweaks
  • Maintenance
  • Routine upgrades

Disaster Recovery

Having a recovery plan is critical to the life of your business after a disaster. A disaster recovery plan is a solution that will ensure your business is operating as quickly and as efficiently as possible in the event of a disaster.

When creating a disaster recovery plan, we will keep your company’s information confidential and work with your organization’s needs, risks and budget. Having a plan is what it’s all about.

Creating a disaster recovery plan can be approached in several different ways. At Prosite, our approach consists of:

  • Researching
  •   We will work with you and research any material needed to create the recovery plan. This includes researching the infrastructure in place, applications and any underlying data.

  • Meeting & discussing practices in place in case of an emergency or disaster
  •   We will meet with representatives from your company to discuss any emergency or disaster plans currently in place and incorporate those into the disaster recovery plan. This will include setting up conference calls and meetings throughout the process to ensure the appropriate material is placed into the plan.

  • Evaluating industry-specific risks
  •   We will evaluate and determine any industry-specific risks or hazards that need to be taken into consideration before documenting the recovery plan.

  • Documenting plan
  •   We will set up your recovery plan based on the information provided in the above steps. You will be given a chance to review and make any changes/edits prior to final copy.

  • Implementing plan
  •   Finally, you will be required to disseminate the recovery plan throughout your company and implement the plan if such a disaster occurs.


  • Mike Hollinger, Field Service Supervisor
  • Digital Audio Mechanical Contractors

"ProBusinessTools® has completely turned our company around. It has given us the opportunity to streamline our business and operate using one management solution. In addition to the software, the support department is absolutely wonderful. They are always willing to help me on-the-spot no matter what I need. Prosite Business Solutions makes me feel like my company’s success is their success as well."

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