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Software Developement

Software Developement

We can provide you with expert custom application development tailored to almost any need. Whether you need a solution for redesigning old custom software (VB, ASP, Access) into new .Net/SQL applications, or you just need someone to take over your custom software package and add to it, leave the programming to us.

You can even let our experienced programmers be the backend of your software startup company, or we can simply offer assistance to junior level development teams that need help with something outside their comfort level.

Our development team can provide quality custom development in the following applications.

  • .NET Development (C# .NET, .NET 2.0 ASP.NET)
  • XML
  • Web services
  • SQL server
  • AJAX
  • ... and more.

Microsoft Partnership

We are a registered Microsoft partner and specialize in Microsoft enterprise solutions, custom data management and reporting services. Prosite’s team of experts can provide you with professional results.

Custom Software Support

Our software support can deliver answers to your basic or complex software-related questions. We understand the programming atmosphere and realize sometimes you just need answers right away. That’s where we shine.

Our software support can provide you quick and timely answers to your problems over the phone, so you can get right back to working.

What if we’re not familiar with your custom software package?

No worries. If you’ve developed your own software package or had someone develop it for you, we can still help you. All we need to do is spend some time with your software. Our support team will study your software, become familiar with it and provide you with the answers you need.

New Software Developement

Have an idea for a software package, but lacking the resources to get it done?

Our programmers have nearly 40 years of combined experience in development and can deliver you the quality application you have in mind.

Planning Your Custom Development

Planning your custom development project is the first step we take to determine what is needed and what is expected in the end. Throughout the custom development process there are a few steps we take in order to provide you with the custom development you expect. These processes usually determine the success of your project. These steps typically include:

  • Determining the requirements
  •   A representative will setup a time to meet with you to determine the requirements of the job and the outcome expected.

  • Creating formal specifications
  •   You will work with a representative to create specifications to ensure you and the programmers are on the same level of understanding.

  • Creating the development schedule
  •   A timeline will be set up with the programmers to determine the deadline the project(s) must be completed by.

  • Testing and quality assurance
  •   After the development is completed, the programmers and testing staff will administer a series of tests to make certain the application is working as intended.

  • Hosting management
  •   We can host your application on our secure servers and manage your application as needed. For more information visit our hosting page.

  • Maintenance
  •   We will test your application as needed and take care of all the upkeep, updates, changes, enhancements, etc. to your application upon your request

Manage Software

We have experience working with Fortune 500 companies and managing extensive projects lasting over prolonged periods of time.

We will work with a representative from your company throughout every phase of the development process. In fact, we encourage active customer participation throughout the entire process to reduce the chances of revisions later.

Got deadlines? No worries.

Our programmers have extensive experience in working with deadlines and understand the importance of completing projects on time.

Redesign, take over, or add to.

Prosite can redesign your old custom software (VB, ASP, Access) into new .Net/SQL applications, take over your custom software package, or add to it.

Case Study

ProBusinessTools® is a web-based scheduling and work order management software that is now used by 240 clients, 7,000 technicians and 140,000 appointments monthly.

Jason Warren, CEO of Prosite Business Solutions and founder of ProBusinessTools® software, said before ProBusinessTools® was developed, there was a need for a scheduling solution.

Call center personnel needed to have the ability to schedule a customer quickly without having to take the time to manually lookup technician details and current schedules. Additionally, Warren said companies needed a software solution that would provide quality dispatching and scheduling of field service technicians taking into account distances between appointments, technician skill levels and coverage areas. Furthermore, Warren said there were no SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions in the industry with a per user price model making it affordable to small and midsize companies.

As a solution, Prosite developed ProBusinessTools® to address the needs of service companies. “We noticed that service companies of all sizes and across many different industries didn’t have the tools to offer customers a satisfactory installation and/or service experience” said Warren. Today, ProBusinessTools® offers scheduling, work order and inventory management, accounting, dispatching and reporting to its clients. Warren believes his software excels above its competition with its point-of-sale scheduling which allows non-service employees the power to schedule, seamless integration between multiple companies using ProBusinessTools®, and its web-based, quick setup, ease of use and dedicated support team.

There were several hurdles the ProBusinessTools® developers had to overcome when developing the software. One hurdle was working with several non-technical service companies to identify the needs of an enterprise software. The Prosite project managers and developers were able to communicate on a very basic level to these non-technical companies in order to develop exactly what was asked for and needed. Since no company uses the software exactly the same, another hurdle was developing ProBusinessTools® to be compatible and customizable with hundreds of preferences for each company. The last hurdle was allowing companies to pass data between themselves and other companies using ProBusinessTools®. Several companies currently using ProBusinessTools® pass work orders and calendar information between clients and subcontractors so information is visible by both users.

ProBusinessTools® has exceeded expectations since its beginning. The software was developed with a goal of 1,000 users. This goal was met in 2002. Five years later ProBusinessTools® hosts more than 25,000 users.


  • Mike Hollinger, Field Service Supervisor
  • Digital Audio Mechanical Contractors

"ProBusinessTools® has completely turned our company around. It has given us the opportunity to streamline our business and operate using one management solution. In addition to the software, the support department is absolutely wonderful. They are always willing to help me on-the-spot no matter what I need. Prosite Business Solutions makes me feel like my company’s success is their success as well."

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