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Call Center Services

Call Center

Prosite Business Solutions Call Center is your high quality solution to message taking/delivering, dispatching and appointment scheduling.

We make it possible for you to concentrate on other aspects of your business, while our well-trained professionals are busy handling all of your calls.

After extensive training between our representatives and your company, our live representatives will speak on behalf of your company as if we were your very own full-time employees.

Our call center operates using industry-leading ProBusinessTools® software to schedule appointments. Click here to read more about ProBusinessTools®. To find out more of what we can offer as your call center solution, click on one of our services above.

No outsourcing here

Don’t worry about outsourcing. Our call center is based in the United States and all our employees are local to our main office.


We know that communicating timely information to your callers is vital to the success of your business. That’s why our first priority is providing your customers with a first class experience you wouldn’t ordinarily expect from a call center. We enjoy managing our call center and providing you with the same quality we pride ourselves upon.

Most importantly, our call center is not automated; so every caller receives a response from one of our representatives. And our skilled representatives have plenty of training and experience to ensure each call is an excellent one.

We think your customers deserve the very best in communication. That’s why we make it easy by customizing your experience on every level.

We can efficiently:

  • Dispatch Calls out to your Employees
  • Update Technicians on Resources
  • Remind Customers of Appointments
  • Confirm Appointments
  • Remind Clients when its Time to Make an Appointment

Appointment Scheduling

Improve your appointment scheduling with our full service call center appointment scheduling services.

Contact us today to find out how your business can operate to full capacity by efficiently managing your appointment scheduling with Prosite Business Solutions.

Using industry-leading ProBusinessTools® web-based scheduling interface, we can effectively:

  • Take and schedule appointments
  • Handle overflow calls
  • Perform inbound/outbound calls
  • Cancel or reschedule appointments at a customer’s request
  • Schedule customers to the best technician or resource, or even update them on any changes
  • Check your messages through our online application

Live Operator

Prosite understands if you’re a smaller company, you may not need a full call center to answer your calls. You may only need a live operator to receive calls, share information, remind clients of appointments, or take down messages.

We will set you up with a representative with similar experience in your specific industry and work with you until the operator understands what you expect.

Scripted Services

Our Prosite representatives are trained to sound like they’re one of your very own. We can operate using a customized script developed and approved by you, along with specific instructions for handling every possible request or emergency. Our representatives will meet with individuals from your company to determine exactly how your script should be read and presented.

Knowledgeable Representatives

Prosite representatives are not robots. We don’t just read scripts and give responses. Our representatives go through extensive training to absorb and understand the customers of each industry before they answer their first call. This industry-specific education will offer your clientele a level of professional communication that oftentimes works better than merely reading a script.

Message Receiving

We know how important it is to get your messages. We offer several ways to receive messages taken by our call center representatives.

  • Text messages to your mobile device
  • Alphanumeric pages to your pager
  • E-mail to your mobile device or computer
  • Through ProBusinessTools® online software

Client/Representative Training

We understand how important it is for our representatives to work at the level you expect as a company. The only way this can be achieved is by working closely with the client and the representative to determine what is expected.

We will set up extensive industry-specific training between representative and client. You will have the ability to speak directly to our representatives during the training sessions and have thorough Q & A sessions until you and our representatives feel comfortable to begin working together.

Customer Service

We understand our role in maintaining loyal clientele and continuing superior customer service for your business. We will increase your customer service potential with our well-informed, extensively trained representatives. See Client/Representative Training for more information.

Our live operators are trained to deal with most problems over-the-phone, providing your clients with an immediate solution.

Our representatives will build lasting relationships with your clients and respond to their questions in a timely and efficient manner. This is a fundamental step in retaining your existing customer base and expanding it further.


  • Mike Hollinger, Field Service Supervisor
  • Digital Audio Mechanical Contractors

"ProBusinessTools® has completely turned our company around. It has given us the opportunity to streamline our business and operate using one management solution. In addition to the software, the support department is absolutely wonderful. They are always willing to help me on-the-spot no matter what I need. Prosite Business Solutions makes me feel like my company’s success is their success as well."

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